Palm Jaggery

 Product Name : Palm jaggery (karrupatti)
Product type: powder and shaped bars
Product details: we export south Indian Palm jaggery World wide via seaways and Airways.
Weight : Kilograms to metric tons
Packaging : As per customer request
Payment types : 100% advance(T/T) or  (L/C)


Facts about Palm Jaggery

  • Palm jaggery purifies blood.
  • Palm jaggery gives an active lifestyle and healthy body.
  • Palm jaggery gives skin glow and deals with all kinds of skin problems.
  • Instead of white sugar, palm jaggery reduce sugar level in body & control diabetes, if kids and young age people start to use palm jaggery in there II food habits they will not get diabetes or any kind of sugar problem in the whole lifetime.
  • In southern India, people used to give palm jaggery for menses problems, irregular periods problems and delivery problems
  • Palm jaggery helps females in many ways, when a female start to produce eggs, they can have palm jaggery. it will make their hip bone strong and make them to get ready for give birth to baby.
  • To avoid any surgery while pregnancy people use to take lots of palm jaggery to make a normal deliveries.
  • Palm jaggery helps to reduce tummy fat any extra any fat in the body.
  • Only palm jaggery helps in natural way to to clear lungs, clear food pipe, clear whole stomach, clear large intestine and small intestine. So this palm jaggery prevent us from stomach cancer.
  • Palm jaggery has antioxidant in it and increase hemoglobin level in human body.
  • Palm jaggery cures any kind of headache like migraine etc.
  • Only India producing a good & best quality and organic of palm jaggery, also in India large number of palm jaggery produced in southern India, in South India, Tamil Nadu makes large quantity of palm jaggery.
  • This palm tree is our state Tree, in Tamil Nadu.
  • Palm jaggery has iron, calcium and vitamin B


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