Black Pepper

Product details: we export our indian products world wide via seaways and Airways
Types of products: Black peppers and Tellicherry peppers
Weight:  Kilograms to metric tons
Packaging : As per customer request.
Payment types: 100% advance (T/T) or (L/C)


We have a big secret for you before placing the order. we would like to tell you a secret about tellicherry paper. The world famous brand called KFC one of the main ingredients is our tellicherry pepper only few knows about our tellicherry papper that’s why the world famous brand are using tellicherry paper for extraordinary taste. Ancient days those people used to call black paper as Black Gold.

The King of Spices
Black Pepper health benefits include fighting depression, promoting digestion, helping with nutrient absorption, treating ulcers, supporting weight loss, treating cough and sore throat, promoting a health heart and soothing toothaches. Other benefits includes preventing gray hair, treating arthritis and enhancing the skin.

What is Black Pepper?
The most common and widely used spice for seasoning throughout the world is pepper. It is delicious and helps enhance the flavor of anything it is sprinkled on. The origins of this berry are as delicious and complex as its flavor. Although it is native to the Malabar region of India, yet the nostrils of Ramses the Great were found filled with it 13031213 BC). Proof that it was used in the mummification process. There is archeological proof that pepper has been in use since 2000 BC and also text has been found that show trade of pepper from India to the Greeks and the Romans. Romans soon started making it a part of almost 80% of its recipes, though Pliny the Elder was not necessarily a fan. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Arabs took over the spice trade. They wanted to maintain a monopoly in trading pepper and did so by making up fictional stories regarding

Fun Fact: The Arabs spread a myth that peppers were grown among trees in a forest in India, where they were guarded by snakes. These snakes were to be banished by fire in order to obtain the spice and in this process the spice tumed black. Interesting how they managed to maintain a monopoly through fantasy. By the 10th century, pepper was the most wanted spice. The trade of this spice had spread far and wide to German and Italian traders. In some parts of Europe it was regarded a luxury spice Pepper was a must for the Italians who would pay the desired prices for this spice. This trend continued and by the 14th century, Genoa also became a major player in the pepper trade. The famous Silk route was also used to trade pepper Vasco da Gama was sent on the mission of finding a sea route that brought back Christians and spices to the Portuguese King, Manuel.

Black pepper makes the list of worlds healthiest foods, this is due to the abundant nutrients found in this spice. This tiny berry is an excellent source of vitamin K, Calcium, Chromium, Iron, fiber and manganese The best and most flavorful way of enjoying black pepper is to sprinkle it on top of any savory dish using a pepper mill. It is recommended to add pepper to any dish you prefer towards the end of the cooking process.

The Nutritional Value of Black Pepper
  • Help Fight Depression Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which is very beneficial for people suffering from depression. It also helps improves brain function and helps enhance memory
  • There have been studies published in medical journals such as the Journal of food and chemical toxicology. Regular intake of black pepper helped alleviate depression, significantly enhancing brain functionality,
  • Helps with Digestion The body secretes an acid called the hydrochloric acid, which is essential to the digestion process. Black pepper is known to increase the secretion of this acid, which helps the body to digest food. It helps prevent intestinal gas production and stimulates sweating and urinating, which helps remove toxins from the body Black pepper is a carminative that promotes good gut health,
  • Nutrient Absorption
  • Treating Ulcers
  • Get Rid of The Extra Pounds
  • A Cough and Sore Throat Remedy
  • Promotes a Healthy heart
  • Soothes Toothaches
  • Beneficial in Preventing Gray Hair
  • Effective for Arthritis Patients


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